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Best West London Interview Guide!

At Best West London Jobs we understand how important it is to be prepared for that all important interview! Our jobs team have extensive experience working within the Recruitment Industry and have had first-hand experience interviewing Candidates for a range of jobs within all industry sectors. We understand what you need to compete in a competitive job’s market and this includes making sure you are in the right place at the right time, on time…

You only have a small amount of time to showcase your skills and to persuade the interviewer that you are the ideal person for the job. To help you out, we have outlined some essential tips to get you that Dream Job!


p_066Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!

Preparation is the first essential step towards a successful interview. Find out as much about the job role and the company you are applying for so that you understand the products and/or services the company offer and how your job role may fit into the company?

Most companies have a website regardless of their size, so jump on the Internet and check them out!

Interview Tip:

Now you understand the job role, use examples of previous work related experience during the interview!


Don’t be late!

When attending an interview, it is essential that you arrive on time!!!!

file0001089134058The interviewer will also be observing your punctuality and timekeeping as part of the interview process, so it is really important that you arrive to your interview “on time”. If you can’t get to the interview on time, how can they be sure that you will be on time if you get the job?

Whatever the reason, late is late and it won’t go down well! So make sure you double check the address and location of your interview, ensuring you find out the travel times well ahead of your appointment.

If you’re getting public transport in London, you can use the TFL Journey Planner.

If you have time? Visit the location of your interview beforehand, so that on the day, you know exactly where you are going and how much time you will need.


Now that’s out the way, you will have loads more time to practice for your interview…


The Interview

004_33When you arrive at the company, find the reception area and introduce yourself. Make sure that you have the full name of the person you are meeting, so that the receptionist can let the interviewer know that you have arrived. While you are waiting, turn your phone off and have another look at the job description to refresh your memory before you go in. This should also help with those pre-interview nerves!

Interview Tip:

Make sure you are nice to the Receptionist and remain Professional at all times, while you are waiting to go into your interview.


Interview questions

You will asked a number of questions during the interview that will relate to your previous work experience. The interviewer will ask these questions so that they can decide whether you have the correct skills to do the job and that you have the right behaviours or personality to perform the role.

The company may be looking for a very “bubbly receptionist with a can do attitude”. A few examples of related interview questions and definitions could be;

Man-With-Question-04Do you have reception experience?

Previous experience in this role would be ideal, but is not always essential.

Displaying a confident, but friendly attitude can sometimes override the need for experience in this role, as in some cases training can be provided.

Are you a good communicator?

In order to work on a busy reception desk it is essential to be a good communicator, so that you can perform multiple tasks – all at once!

Do you like dealing with the public face to face?

You will meet and greet a range of visitors coming into the building and it will be your responsibility to look after them and greet them with a “big smile” 🙂

How you do feel about Punctuality?

Reception is probably the only work space within a company where it is “never” acceptable to be late. Imagine if there is no one based at the front of the building, who will greet all of the visitors??


Interview Do’s and Don’ts

man-with-symbol-01-copy-JPGA few reasons why, employers will say


• Punctual
• Honest
• Confident
• Enthusiastic
• Prepared
• Well Presented
• Good communication
• Previous experience
• Positive attitude
• Willingness to learn
• Big smile


A few reasons why, employers will say


• Lateness
• No enthusiasm
• Poor communication
• No eye contact
• Poor appearance
• Bad mouthing past employers
• No interview preparation
• Dishonesty
• Too salary focussed
• Travelling distances over 1 hour (dependent on job role)
• Bad language


Which boxes are you ticking?


Just Remember:

Every role is different and every company is looking for something different, so just be yourself, follow our top tips and eventually “You will land that Dream Job”.

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