Rating System

BLUE badge for our PROMO5 Star Rating System


BestWestLondon.com provides the platform for your business to be reviewed and rated by us. We want the best for West London, its people and businesses, so we will make sure our ratings are real and truthful.

GREEN badge for our PROMOOur 5 Star Rating System is based on what the people really want & need, and will display to the public what qualities your business possesses.

There are 4 areas we look at when analyzing a business, which are represented by the first 4 stars.

These 4 areas are:

PURPLE badge for our PROMO1. Good Customer Service & Environment

2. Quality Products/Services
Red&Purple badge for our PROMO

3. Trust & Reliability

4. Versatility & Uniqueness


The 5th star are for those businesses who stand out above the rest and excel past those who accomplish the 4 stars. These are for the businesses that tick all the boxes and then some!! They achieve excellent standards across the board and provide superb quality to the people of West London.

ELITE badge for our PROMO

This 5th Star is:

5. Official Endorsement Stamp of Approval!

And ALL of our 5 star rating judges are born, raised and current West Londoners and know what’s good for the community!!! If you think your business has what it takes to be one of the best in West London, then please hit this link to join us and we will consider your business for our 5 star rating.



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